Oxy Bump Corporation’s Oxygen-Based Line Creates a New Category of Nasal/Throat Care

Miami FL – Oxy Bump Corporation’s new line of groundbreaking oxygen-infused products are now available in stores nationwide, including Target: Oxy Bump Sinus Congestion Nasal Spray, Oxy Bump Hay Fever/Allergy Nasal Spray, Oxy Bump Children’s Cold/Flu Nasal Spray and Oxy Bump Sore Throat Spray. With this success, Oxy Bump takes a giant step in awakening this otherwise sleepy sector, effectively creating a new category of oxygen-based products strategically positioned between OTC (over-the-counter) medications and simple saline solutions. Oxy Bump’s award-winning line of products contains the world’s first and only oxygen-infused nasal and throat sprays.

“We’re thrilled that Oxy Bump is now widely available to help millions of people experience rapid relief– but without the side effects and contraindication concerns associated with OTC and prescription medications,” stated Oxy Bump founders Shamila Hunter and Lissa Charron.

The oxygen-powered effectiveness of Oxy Bump is distinguished by an attention-grabbing bottle design, which was awarded with an NACD Gold. Executed by leading package developer TricorBraun, Oxy Bump creates colorful, eye-catching presentations that immediately capture shopper interest. Combined with innovative outer-packaging conceptualized by The Wahlrich Group, award-winning designers of the L’Eggs Eggs and Fiji water bottle, the line has a sharp contemporary design and vibrant color pops unique to the otherwise staid sinus/allergy category.


The Oxy Bump Advantage

The essential source of Oxy Bump’s globally acclaimed and clinically-verified benefits is oxygen itself, which is good for everyone young or old. Each Oxy Bump product is formulated with a super concentrate of oxygen in a safe and stable saline solution that is readily recognized and absorbed by the body, and delivers a potent boost of oxygen that improves overall health, as well as cleanses, moisturizes and reduces congestion.

A crowd favorite, the original Oxy Bump Sinus Congestion nasal spray is 100% all-natural, non-medicated stuffy-nose-relief that is clean, tasteless, and fast-acting so you can breathe clearly and quickly. Brand new to the market, Oxy Bump Hay Fever/Allergy, Oxy Bump Children’s Cold/Flu, and Oxy Bump Sore Throat are all a powerful infusion of oxygen and homeopathics that are unlike anything else on the market and made from the finest sourced natural elements of mineral and plant extracts.

As with all Oxy Bump products, they are pH balanced and non-addictive and can be used as much as needed without risk of overuse and have no adverse side-effects — which is of growing importance for many of today’s health-conscious consumers, who are increasingly demanding wellness products that are safe, family-friendly, and suitable for everyday use.

Oxy Bump products are rated #1 in travel wellness retail and are considered a “must have” by everyone from busy moms to high-performance athletes to health professionals. Oxy Bump fans include 2-time Super Bowl Champ Jeremy Shockey, Miami City Ballet Principal Jennifer Carlynn Kronenberg, Kettlenetics fitness pioneer Michelle Khai, and NYU School of Medicine’s Bert Petersen, MD.

Added Hunter and Charron: “By far the most common feedback we get after people try Oxy Bump is a wide-eyed: `This stuff really works!’ We look forward to hearing that many times as we join forces with our retail partners to create millions of new Oxy Bump fans!”

Additional details on Oxy Bump’s line of products, FAQs, information on verified consumer reviews, and more are available at oxybump.com. For all other information including media inquiries and interview requests, contact us via email info@oxybump.com or (305) 573-9465.


About Oxy Bump

Headquartered in Miami, FL, Oxy Bump Corporation is a minority-owned company led by its female founders Shamila Hunter and Lissa Charron. Spreading the power of oxygen for almost two decades, the company is recognized as the global innovator and pioneer of the retail oxygen industry.

Learn more at oxybump.com


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  • Daily Use
  • Prevents Colds
  • Quick Fix
  • Traveling
  • Working Out

Comments about Oxy Bump Saline Oxygen Nasal Spray, .51 fl oz:

Oxy Bump is a life-saver! I first discovered it while traveling and bought it on duty free. It totally saved my swollen, achy nose and head while on my 15+ hour flight. At first I wasn’t sure about an oxygen nasal spray, but my poor nose hurt so bad that I was willing to try anything. From the first spray, the soothing oxygen calmed my inflamed nostrils and I could breathe easier and with less pain! I used it continually on the flight and the rest of my trip. Unlike my poor travel companion who got ill, Oxy Bump helped me with the jet lag and kept me from getting sick. I know oxygen has anti-bacterial properties.

I am so happy to find that I can get Oxy Bump on-line now :) Since it’s all natural, I don’t fear any rebound effects and use it everyday. Just like I drink plenty of water, I use Oxy Bump a lot because I find it keeps me energized without any jitters. I even use it while working out because Oxy Bump helps me recover quicker. Awesome product!!


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