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Stuffy nose and head relief fast!

  • The Only Oxygen-Homeopathic Formulation
  • Proprietary Formula created by a Naturopathic Doctor
  • Plant & Mineral-based • pH Balanced
  • Non-Addictive • Family Friendly
  • Tasteless & Odorless with No unpleasant Post-Nasal Drip


An advanced oxygen and homeopathic formulation created by our Oxy Bump experts in collaboration with a leading Naturopathic Doctor. Our pure water-based homeopathic ingredients are from the finest sourced natural components such as mineral and plant extracts. Infused with the power of oxygen, Oxy Bump homeopathics have exclusive proprietary benefits, which make it highly effective yet non-addictive with no contraindications.

As with all our Oxy Bump products, it is pH-balanced and non-addictive. No unpleasant after-taste or post-nasal drip involved, just clean, tasteless, and odor-free goodness that will make you breathe and think clearly.

Our award-winning nasal spray design is the fastest, non-invasive biological delivery method. Compared to swallowing a pill/liquid and having some of the ingredients lost to the digestive process, intra-nasal quickly delivers ALL of our oxygen-homeopathic directly to where it is most needed so that you feel Oxy Bump fast!


NACD - Gold Winner

Produced in the USA.



  • Purified Water

  • Sodium Chloride (saline)

  • Oxygen: all metabolic function

  • Quebracho(Aspidosperma): increases oxygen absorption, stimulates respiratory, removes carbonic acid (a form of carbon dioxide)

  • Allium cepa (Red onion): hayfever, inflammation, nasal discharge, sneezing

  • Histaminum hydrochloricum: allergy, headaches, vertigo, coughing, throat tickling

  • Natrum muriaticum (Common salt): breathing difficulty, nose soreness, sneezing, sinus inflammation, cough

  • Citric acid: stabilizer

  • Potassium sorbate: stabilizer


Shake well. Initially, remove safety collar and depress pump until primed. 2-3 sprays per nostril, 2 times per day or as often as needed for adults and children 12 years or older. Under 12 years, 1-2 sprays, 2 times per day.


Stop use and ask a doctor, if symptoms persist or worsen. If pregnant or breast-feeding, ask a healthcare professional before use. Keep out of reach of children.


  1. 5 out of 5


    I Love this! I used to use antihistamines for my allergies but they would put me to sleep. This Oxy Bump clears my sinuses better while boosting my energy instead of sucking it out of me! Great stuff!

  2. 5 out of 5


    I like this for my allergies. Not only is it good for my hay fever but I also found out an interesting thing when I was dining last night. I have mild food allergies and the bread and wine were making me congested in the middle of our dinner — not a pretty sight to be mouth-breathing while trying to eat at an elegant restaurant. Also, the congestion dulled my tastebuds which was a shame since it was really yummy food. Thankfully, I remembered the Oxy Bump Allergy in my purse and discreetly did a “bump” leaning over the side of the table. After about 10 seconds I cleared right up and I could take a deep breath through my nose, not my mouth. Best thing was that I could also taste everything again and I enjoyed the rest of my beautiful dinner. Yayyy!

  3. 5 out of 5


    I have suffered from allergic rhinitis (hay fever) for years. I have struggled to find a product that works, I don’t like taking pills that most of the time doesn’t treat my symptoms. I came across this product and i just can’t get over how well Oxy Bump works. I can tell a difference within minutes, it doesn’t take but a few bumps to see results. I can be outside without having to worry about my allergies and enjoy my day. It is safe to use and non-addictive, I am so glad I have finally found a product that works for me and doesn’t harm my body.

  4. 5 out of 5


    For the first time, I have not had a nightmarish allergy season. I have been preparing for runny eyes and nose, scratchy throat, congestion and all of the typical symptoms that are only relieved by medication. I am currently breastfeeding, and wanted to try something that would not affect my baby through his milk. I tried this, and immediately went back and bought more. I’d stock up, but I don’t want them to expire, as I don’t even need to use it that much. I have tried to tell people, but they’re not listening. lol. Seriously better than even Claritin for me.

  5. 4 out of 5


    If intmooafirn were soccer, this would be a goooooal!

  6. 1 out of 5


    Posts like this bregthin up my day. Thanks for taking the time.

  7. 4 out of 5


    Wait, I cannot fathom it being so stofwghtarriard.

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